Here at Fabulous Furnishings we are inspired by the ways in which furniture affects our lives. We all have memories and stories that are tied to our favourite pieces of furniture, a sofa where families come together  to watch a movie,  a book read in one’s favourite chair, and dining chairs that have seated generations for family meals. If only furniture could talk!

When working with you, we listen carefully to your tastes and needs.  We look at the proportions and lines of the piece and finish it in a way that will best suit the furniture, and most importantly is comfortable for you.

We treat each piece of furniture like an art form, whether it is giving fresh life to older furniture or constructing a new piece that will contain new memories. We specialize in much more than a typical upholstery shop offering soft window coverings, Hunter Douglas blinds, custom built furniture, a made to order furniture line of soft furnishings, boat interiors, and even upholstery for the film industry.

Our Philosophy is simple – To create beautiful and interesting furniture, to have fun, grow, refine, and challenge ourselves to do the best we can. While we work closely as a team, it is Celina’s name, and her hand on the work.  Each member of our team works passionately towards a single purpose: to produce high end furniture that will last you a lifetime. We take a lot of pride in each piece that goes out the door and are driven by the joy we get from a happy customer!

Fabulous Bio: Celina Dalrymple opened Fabulous Furnishing in 2001 with her passion for furniture and a flare for design.  Being raised in her mother’s upholstery shop she acquired an early appreciation for furniture, craftsmanship, fabric, colors, and hard work.  Shortly after moving to Vancouver, having her own studio space to do upholstery seemed like a natural step.  Relying solely on referrals, Fabulous Furnishings has grown and flourished into a thriving business.

Our strength is our experience in helping clients select the proper materials and fabric to be used in the production of both newly created and reupholstered pieces. The teams ability to fuse the traditional methods of furniture craftsmanship with Celina’s fresh new look on furniture design guaranties clients will receive a product that is aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable.