Slipcovers are a functional and cost effective way to change the look of your furniture and protect it from pets, kids and fading from the sun.  No need to buy a new couch when a slipcover can change the look of your sofa for every season. In many European countries it is very common to put a slipcover on your furniture in the spring, roll out a new area rug and change a few pictures on the wall to create an entirely new and fresh space for the season.

Although slipcovers are not for all furniture. Slipcovers are ideal for well-made, often-used furniture but don’t work on leather pieces, because the slipcover slides around or barrel-back chairs well.

Another factor when deciding on whether to slipcover or reupholster is that you can wash a slipcover – making them very family friendly for kids and pet owners. So if the dogs put their muddy paws on the dads easy chair, the kids eat cherry Popsicles on the linen sofa, or a party guest drips chocolate fondue on the love seat no need to panic with a slipcover.

Cushions are always sewn separately with zippers and fabric is pre-washed and hot dried prior to cutting, eliminating most shrinkage to ensure future fit and to allow the slipcover to be washable and functional for many years.  Slipcovers can be made tight to look like upholstery or loose to give the shabby chic look.

To start the process we first ask you to send us a picture of your furniture so we can give you a free estimate; we then arrange an appointment to come to our showroom to look at fabric samples and styles. From there we provide you with an estimate for the entire project and book the pick-up of your furniture. Because our slipcovers are tailor-made to fit your furniture we must have the piece in our shop during the process.

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